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Sanmenxia is located at the junction of Henan, Jin, and Shaanxi provinces in the Central Plains. It is a major town in the west of Henan. It is adjacent to Luoyang City, a thousand-year-old emperor. It is connected to Funiu Mountain in the south and Nanyang City. It looks to the ancient city of Chang'an in the west, and the Yellow River and Sanjin in the north. The economic and cultural center at the junction of the three provinces in history. The ancient civilization of China, the current miracle of the motherland, the lakes and mountains of the southern Xinjiang, and the beautiful glaciers of the northern country have been cleverly concentrated and displayed here. The development of tourism has unique conditions and very broad prospects. The heavy history and culture have left many famous Chinese and foreign places of interest and cultural landscapes here.



Within Sanmenxia, there are 6 national key cultural relics protection units, 33 provincial cultural relics protection units, and more than 70,000 cultural relics. The Lingbao Xipo site is listed as one of the six major sites of the Chinese civilization exploration project in Yangshao Village. The three major excavations of the cultural site, the Miaodigou cultural site, the Shangyang City of Lao Kingdom, and the Lao Kingdom cemetery have been selected as one of China ’s 20th century archeological discoveries. Two places were selected into the national intangible cultural heritage list and 20 places were selected into the provincial intangible cultural heritage list.

There are more than 713 cultural relic sites in Sanmenxia City, including 6 key national cultural relics protection units, 38 provincial, 28 municipal, and 641 county-level cultural relics; more than 70,000 cultural relics, including 203 at the first level. , 681 for the second grade and 6801 for the third grade.

State-level cultural relics protection units include: Yangshao Village site, Miaodigou site, Baolun Temple tower, Beiyangping site, Lao Guo cemetery site, and Hongqing Temple grotto.

Lushi City God Temple

Founded in the early years of Hongwu of Ming Dynasty, Xuande was destroyed during the war. Reconstruction from Tianshun eight years (1464) to Chenghua two years (1466). In the twenty-ninth year of Jiajing (1550), there was another fire. By the nineteenth year of Wanli (1581), it was repaired and expanded, and it became the current scale. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, funding for renovations has been made many times, and the temple has a new look. Existing buildings have five main halls, north to south; three corner halls and three towers of the Xiangjie Pavilion; ten east and west chambers; two left and right Xiangji kitchens; three in front of the door, all of which are yellow dragon ridges, green tiles and Various spinal beasts complement each other. The whole building, with its splendid gold, eaves, and exquisite craftsmanship, has a Zhumen high column and is bright and open. It is the scientific basis and appearance of studying ancient architectural art. After the founding of the county, the junior middle school was established here. From 1960 to the present, it is the county cultural center residence, and it is the cultural activity and cultural relics collection center of the county people.

Laos Noble Cemetery

The noble cemetery of Lao Kingdom is located in Beishangcunling, Sanmenxia City, with a total area of 580,000 square meters. Within the 140,000 square meters drilled by the cultural relics department, there are 142 burials of various nobles. Among them, there are 19 large and medium-sized tombs, 12 chama pits, and more than 50 other types of sacrificial pits.

Among the nine tombs that have been excavated and cleared, there are two tombs of the monarch, one tomb of the prince, one tomb of the concubine, and two tombs of the car and horse. A total of more than 17,000 pieces of nine major cultural relics such as copper, iron, jade, stone, gold, pottery, wood, leather, and linen were unearthed. Among them, more than two hundred large bronze ceremonies were unearthed, most of which were cast with inscriptions. The jade mask was confirmed to be the ancestral form of "Eye" in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The jade string charm is the predecessor of the Han Dynasty jade clothes. The unearthed eight bells are the only complete set of excavations in the late tombs of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Twelve pieces of gold ornaments are rare in archeology during the Zhou Dynasty. A large number of precious weapons, especially the unearthed jade handle copper core iron sword, have been identified as the earliest artificial iron smelting objects in China. Its discovery dates back more than a century to the time of iron smelting in China.

The major discoveries of the noble cemetery of Lao Kingdom have provided rare material information for studying the history, politics, economy, culture, religious system, metallurgy, transportation, textile, and ancient wars of Lao Kingdom and even the Western Zhou Dynasty. Historical Value.

Folding natural landscape

Swan Lake National City Wetland Park

The national AAAA-level tourist attraction is a key project implemented by the Sanmenxia Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to create the most livable city and strengthen the protection and development of the Yellow River Wetland National Nature Reserve. The core scenic area of the park includes three parts: the white swan viewing area, Shaanzhou Park and the ecological forest along the Yellow River. Since August 2002, Sanmenxia City has built Qinglong Dam, Canglong Dam, Shuanglong Bridge, along the Yellow Road and greening, landscape and other projects on the basis of the original Shanzhou Park, forming a natural link between the east and west areas of Sanmenxia City. Ecological Area.

The planning and construction of the Swan Lake Scenic Area has enabled Sanmenxia City to have an urban ecological park with an annual 5000 acres, a water storage period of 30,000 acres, and 50,000 acres of woodland. From October to March of the following year, the park attracts tens of thousands of white swans to inhabit the winter here. Sanmenxia City is therefore known as the "City of Swans". In February 2007, the Swan Lake Scenic Area was named the only national urban wetland park in Henan Province by the Ministry of Construction.

From the winter season to the early spring of the following year, in the cold and snowy season, thousands of white swans flew from distant Siberia to Sanmenxia to live in winter. The broad and clear, rippling lake surface of the Sanmenxia reservoir area became the Yellow River. The largest white swan gathering and viewing place. They are leisurely here, or soaring high in the sky, or patrolling the river, or floating on the water, in various poses, forming a picture of heaven and man in one, everything is empty. In March 2010, Sanmenxia City was awarded the title of "Home of Chinese Big Swan" by China Wildlife Conservation Association.

Yuhuangshan National Forest Park

Located in Qihe Forest Farm, Shiziping Township, Lushi County, 90 kilometers from Lushi County. Yuhuang Mountain is the western ridge of Henan Province. It is the main branch of the Qinling Mountains and the Funiu Mountain. Changling root, large land, bandangou and riding ditch are the four main scenic spots. Its peak Yuhuangjian is 2057.9 meters above sea level, which is 527.1 meters higher than Dongyue Mountain. Ascend to the extreme. Over 40 square kilometers of forest and sea can be seen. Looking around the mountains and mountains, you can enjoy the fun of one foot and two counties (Lu Luannan and Danfeng), and Yico can experience the grandeur of "Hui Dangling is the best, and the mountains are small". There was a saying that "ascended the jade emperor tip, the scenery was captured, the three mountains didn't have to go, the five mountains and the water looked again".

The forests on the mountain are lush, and the forest vegetation is good. Its large and tall Japanese cedar pine is the only tall forest landscape in Henan Province, and you can experience the vitality of the vast forests. The original Huashan pine forest is rarer in Central and South China. In the park, there are more than 1,800 species of vascular plants, more than 400 woody plants, 1,225 medicinal plants, and more than 400 species of various animals. Among them, the protected plants are fragrant tree, manchurian ash, birch oak, etc .; there are rare animals such as leopard, musk deer, green sheep, grass deer, red-bellied golden pheasant, etc. Birds such as thrushes and parrots also shuttle between branches, which can be described as wildlife Music, bird paradise, and plants are the same. The stream of gurgling streams from rock crevices and caves converges into a road ... the spring winds down from the mountain stream, the water is sweet and clear, and the sound of the water is meandering. Asked, its scales are visible. Huanglongtan White Dirty Pond, Wulongtan, Longjing, etc. formed by mountain springs are like landscape paintings. After the new rain, rainbows lie down, just like a fairyland on earth.


There are more than 20 kinds of traditional folk crafts, such as paper cutting, cloth art, shadow puppets, Chengni 砚, ocher 砚, facial sculpture, egg carving, root carving, pyrograph and so on. Modern crafts mainly include more than 10 bronze imitations, craft mirror making, straw painting, etc. There are more than 50 species in 6 categories including folk fires, Yangge, folk houses, and temple fairs. Twenty-six townships (towns) have been named by the state and province as folk art towns, characteristic cultural townships (villages), demonstration cultural stations, and advanced cultural townships.


There are 27 kinds of operas including Yu Opera, Opera, Pu Opera, Meihu, Qinqiang, Yue Tune, Ping Opera, Huagu Opera, Yanggao Opera, Gonggu Opera and Shadow Play. Dramas with distinctive local characteristics include Yu Opera, Qu Opera, Pu Opera, Meihu, Yanggao Opera, etc. Sanmenxia Yu Opera Troupe, Lushi County Art Troupe, Yimei Group Yu Opera Troupe, Shaanxian Pu Opera Troupe, and Lingbao Pu Opera Troupe were formed. The professional troupes such as Qiuqu Opera Troupe and other leading troupes are leading teams, and more than 160 amateur teams are the main performing teams.

cultural activity

Deep cultural heritage and convenient transportation conditions have formed the Sanmenxia International Yellow River Tourism Festival, Lingbao Laozi cultural commemorative activities, the ancestral ritual worship activities of Kongxiang Temple in Shaanxi County, the Golden Triangle Calligraphy and Photography Exhibition, Sanmenxia Antique Market, and Yellow River Kistler, etc. Brands that have a greater influence on cultural activities.

Folded Famous Products

High-quality apples, mainly from Lingbao Temple, are well-known both at home and abroad, and Lingbao dates are well-known; Wuchi Yangshao apricot is unique in the country, and beef heart persimmon is an ancient tribute; Head, walnut, chestnut, kiwi, etc. enjoy a high reputation throughout the country; Sanmenxia tobacco leaves are well-known and famous products in Henan Province.

Flower market tree

City Rose

China's top ten famous flowers. The rose is known as "Queen of Flowers", also known as "Yueyue Red". It is a deciduous shrub or evergreen shrub, and it has a tenacious spirit and a long, fragrant flower. The natural flowering period is from May to November, and the flowering is continuous. Rose flowers mainly include cut rose, edible rose, rattan rose, large flower rose, floribunda rose, miniature rose, tree rose, ground cover rose and so on. The rose flower is the northern line of the Chinese ancestors-the totem plant equivalent to the legendary Huangdi tribe.

City Tree Cedar

The cedar is tall and graceful, making it a world-famous ornamental tree. The metaphor is Gao Jie, and it is the spirit of positive and indomitable life. The large branches on the lower part of the trunk are flat from near the ground and do not wither for many years. They can form a lush and majestic canopy. In addition, they are planted on both sides of the garden road to form a martyr. Cedar wood is solid and dense in texture for construction, bridges, sleepers, shipbuilding, etc. It is known as "the world's top five garden tree species" together with giant fir, Japanese golden pine, Nanyang pine, and golden pine.

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