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Harbin is a city with a combination of China and the West, with a rugged and magnificent ethnic style. The annual Harbin Summer Concert, the Ice Lantern Garden Party, and the Ice and Snow World and other large-scale events show Harbin's profound cultural heritage. Harbin Polar Museum, Flood Control Memorial Tower, Temple of Literature, Kek Lok Si Temple, St. Sophia Church, Russian-style Central Street, Xiao Hong Former Residence, Soviet Red Army Martyrs Monument and other cultural relics and historic sites, as well as Northeast Forest Park, Yabuli Ski Resort, Primitive Forest, etc. Harmonious natural landscape, together with Jingbo Lake, Wudalianchi, and Zhalong Nature Reserves around Harbin constitute a unique and unique tourist destination in northern China. With these advantages, Harbin was selected by the National Tourism Administration as the first batch of outstanding Chinese tourism in 1998. city.


Harbin has always been known as the "Little Paris of the East" and the "Moscow of the East". A famous city combining Chinese and Western cultures. Within the zone are the Hagia Sophia, Nicholas Church, Russian wooden houses, Gothic buildings, Central Street, the annual "Harbin Summer" concert, the "Ice and Snow Festival" international ice sculpture and snow sculpture competition, and "international economic and trade negotiations" Will "and so on. [4]

Harbin Ice and Snow World

Founded in 1999, the Harbin Municipal Government launched the super-large ice and snow art project of unprecedented scale in order to welcome the millennium celebration of the Shenzhou Century Tour, make full use of the advantages of Harbin's ice and snow resources, and further develop ideas. The Harbin Ice and Snow World shows the world the unique charm of Harbin's ice and snow culture and ice and snow tourism. There is a steady stream of domestic and foreign tourists visiting here every winter. Harbin Ice and Snow World is the world's largest outdoor snow and ice-based super-large entertainment project.

Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower

The Harbin Flood Control Victory Memorial Tower was built on October 1, 1958 to commemorate the people of Harbin's victory over the "57-year catastrophic flood." It was designed by former Soviet designer Bagis Zyeleev and Harbin Institute of Technology second-generation architect Li Guangyao. The site of the tower was determined by the then mayor of Harbin, Lu Qien.

Sun Island Scenic Area

China's only river-wetland-type scenic spot located in the city center is a national-level scenic spot, a national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot, and a national water conservancy scenic spot. It was awarded the "China Human Settlement Environment Award" by the Ministry of Construction and the United Nations Friendship Council as the "UN FOUN Ecological Demonstration Island". It is famous for its unique northern natural scenery and romantic European style. The annual "China · Harbin International Snow Sculpture Art Fair" and many international and domestic snow sculpture competitions are held here.

Baroque street

In July 2009, Harbin Sun Island was awarded the "UN Habitat Environment Award" by the United Nations. It is the only island park in Asia to receive this award.

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is composed of Windmill Mountain Resort, National Sports Commission, Communication Mountain Resort, Daqingshan Ski Resort, Communication Mountain Resort and Electricity Resort, Yunding Mountain Resort, Haohanbo Snow Resort, and a farmhouse. Harbin is 193 kilometers away from Mudanjiang City. The highest peak is 1374.8 meters above sea level. The extreme minimum temperature here is -44 ℃, the average temperature is -10 ℃, the snow period is 170 days, and the skiing period is nearly 150 days. Mid-November to late March each year Best skiing period. The facilities of Yabuli Ski Resort are often perfect, with a total of 11 junior, intermediate and advanced ski slopes. There are also 5 kilometers of round cross-country ski trails, snowmobiles, and toboggan lanes in the ski resort. There are 3 chairlifts, 3 tow ropeways, and a lift ropeway. The ski resort also has many modern ski resort machinery such as snow-making machines, snow presses, and snowmobiles. There are many chairlifts and traction ropeways on the slopes, and skiers can take the ropeway from any place without taking off. Drop off the snowboard and slide all the ski tracks in the field.

Central Street Walking Street

Central Avenue was founded in 1898 and was initially called "China Avenue". It was renamed "Central Street" in 1925 and later developed into the busiest commercial street in the northeast. The street starts from the Songhua River Flood Control Memorial Tower in the north and Jingwei Street in the south. There are 71 European-style and imitation European-style buildings on the street, and 13 Renaissance, Baroque, Eclectic, and modern multi-style urban-style protected buildings are collected. It is a rare architectural art gallery in China. It is one of the largest and longest pedestrian streets in Asia. The pedestrian environment is beautiful and orderly. With its unique European style, row after row of boutique commercial buildings, colorful leisure districts, and colorful cultural life, it has become a beautiful landscape in Harbin. China's first movie theater, Yiliujiang Cinema, was founded at the intersection of Central Avenue and West Twelve Avenues in Daoli District. It was founded in 1905 by Russian architect Jew Panwa Kobtsev.

In 1986, the Harbin Municipal People's Government identified the Central Street Pedestrian Street as a protected street. On June 1, 1997, it became the first commercial pedestrian street in the country.

In 2005, Central Avenue was awarded the "Chinese Human Settlement Environment Award" by the Ministry of Construction.

In March 2008, the Oriental Little Paris-Harbin Central Avenue was awarded the United Nations Architectural Achievement Award by the United Nations, the third building group in China to receive this award. At the same time, Harbin Central Avenue was awarded the title of "Architecture Art Museum" by the state.

In 2009, Central Avenue was named the first batch of famous historical and cultural streets in China.

city building

Harbin's urban architecture is particularly unique in China's major cities. Not only are there all kinds of European-style buildings, but also very traditional Chinese classical buildings. Since the reform and opening up, a number of modern buildings have been built to make this city present a Chinese-Western style.

Buildings in various styles, including Gothic, Baroque, Byzantine, Eclectic, Art Nouveau, French avant-garde and postmodern. In the urban area, Harbin Engineering University (formerly Harbin Institute of Military Engineering), the Temple of Literature, the Friendship Palace, the Institute of Mechanics, the Third Middle School, and other traditional Chinese-style buildings with carved beams and painted buildings.

St. Sophia Church

St. Sophia Church was built in March 1907 and was originally a chapel of the Fourth Infantry Division of East Siberia, Russia. In the same year, it was rebuilt into a wooden church on the basis of the chapel by the Russian tea merchants. Rebuilt in 1932, it has become the largest Orthodox church in the Far East, and is renowned both at home and abroad for its exquisite architectural art and rich historical and cultural connotations. The church is majestic and magnificent, with a strong exotic atmosphere, and has become a unique landscape in Harbin. She has experienced weather and weather, and is a historical witness and an important relic of the invasion of Northeast Russia by Russia.

The Harbin Municipal Government's first-class protected buildings, the fourth batch of state-level key cultural relics protection units of the State Council, is now the Harbin Architectural Art Museum.

St. Alexeyev's Church

St. Alekseyev's Church was originally a chapel in Gongzhuling. It moved to Harbin after the Russo-Japanese War. Its location was changed in 1912. The church was built in 1912, and the brick and stone structure was changed in 1935. Designed by Russian architect Smirnov Toftanovsky. Originally belonging to the Orthodox Church, it was transferred to the Catholic Church in 1980 and is now called the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Ruins of the Japanese Army 731

The Museum of Criminal Evidence of the 731st Army of the Japanese Invaders is located in the former headquarters of the 731 Army, located at No. 25 Xinjiang Avenue, Pingfang District, Harbin. After rebuilding, it has been opened to the public as a basic display. With a total area of 1,500 square meters and 15 exhibition halls, a large number of evidence, physical evidence, and evidence have been used to accuse the bloody crime of the Japanese Army 731 invading China.

Heilongjiang Radio and TV Tower

The Heilongjiang Radio and TV Tower, the Dragon Tower, is affiliated to the Heilongjiang Radio and Television Bureau. Its tower is 336 meters high. The Dragon Tower was rated as an AAAA tourist scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration. It is a comprehensive multi-functional tower integrating tourism and sightseeing, catering and entertainment, advertising dissemination, wireless communication, and environmental meteorological monitoring.

Folding Place Festivals

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is the first international festival in China's history to feature ice and snow events. It opens on January 5 each year and lasts one month. China · Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival, Japan Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada Quebec Winter Frenzy

The festival and the Oslo Ski Festival in Norway are also known as the world's four major ice and snow festivals. Since its founding on January 5, 1985, the wise, hard-working, and brave Harbin has turned the cold into art, given ice and snow to life, and has frozen thousands of miles and thousands of miles of snow in the northern country in winter to create a culture, sports, tourism, trade , Technology and other fields as one of the golden season. Become a world famous ice and snow event. Through local legislation, January 5 has become a grand festival for Harbinites.

Every year, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival hosts a large winter swimming competition, and the scene is very spectacular. At that time, tourists can go to Harbin to see the beautiful scenery of ice lanterns and snow sculptures, enjoy the ice and snow art evening, and participate in many ice and snow entertainment projects. The art of ice lanterns and snow sculptures in Harbin has become one of the three wonders of ice and snow art in the world.

Harbin Summer Concert

The China Harbin Summer Concert (referred to as the "Ha Xia Hui"), a national-level music event, started in August 1961 and was held from August 6 to 15 of the following year for 10 days.

Now it has become a local traditional music festival, and it has also become a traditional Chinese music event. It is also one of the "Three Major Concerts" in China, with the "Shanghai Spring" International Music Festival and Guangzhou "Yangcheng Music Flower Festival". The status of Harbin Music City. In 2010, Harbin was identified as the "Music Capital" by the UNESCO Global Creative Cities Network.

Harbin enterprise website Baidu SEO promotion company , Harbin network optimization company which is better , Harbin company website production solution process revision maintenance costs , Harbin high-end enterprise website page production design professional company , Harbin WeChat public account mini program shopping payment construction production company , Harbin domain name Business email server registration application

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